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Be Thankful
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About Be Thankful

Be Thankful launched August 15, 2001, and we strive for monthly updates. We are here to remind ourselves and others of the importance of gratitude and love as life values.

We notify subscribers via Email when new content is available, and we welcome your contributions.

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Bethankful.com is the result of my journey.

I'm still practicing and learning these principles; they gain strength and demonstrate results in my life as I share them with others.

We are surrounded by simple and abundant blessings, often overlooked: family and friends, good health, food, time to enjoy the things that matter, the beauty of nature and the laughter of children...

Like you, I can look back on hours I wasted longing for more, the moments of beauty overlooked, opportunities to touch another soul that eluded my attention. I no longer regret that time; it was instructional.

I've learned to live "now". Learned that one reason I've been sustained through everything - is to reach out through the spoken and written word and remind you to be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you are, and be incredibly thankful for all you can become.

For all of you who search, your answers surround you. If you earnestly wish to know, it will be revealed. Your challenge is to listen, see, and be brave enough to believe.

If Be Thankful speaks to your soul, join us as a member or an anonymous contributor. We are grateful for your company. If you are willing to share, there are people who need to hear your perspective.

I'm glad you're here.

- Victoria Monfort



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